Premium White (5) RCA Male Component/RGB+H/V Cable
Premium Black (5) RCA Male Component/RGB+H/V Cable

These component/RGB+H/V video cables provide optimum video signal transfer between DVD's and high end TV's. They have a 75ohm. impedance rating, and a 100% 0.12mm aluminum-polyester foil shield for EMI-RFI protection around 3 RG59 coaxial cables with 95% copper-braid shield conductors and 2 95% spiral wound H/V Sync conductors; made with 99.99% oxygen free copper in a flat ribbon cable configuration.

Constructed with a flexible satin ivory rubber 6.0mm OD PVC jacket with low attenuation dielectric and heavy duty gold plated, color-coded connectors.

Premium (5) RCA Male to (5) RCA Male Shielded Component/RGB+H/V Cable, Gold Plated Connectors

  • $6.00